2015 Honda CX500 Bobber/Cafe


Sold to Mark from Kansas on 02/04/2015.

This bike was built in the past 4 months.It usually takes me around 2 months to build a bobber,this time it took me twice as long- because i moved to a new 3000 sq.ft shop and was busy with another bike.

​   This bike doesn't have an owner yet-so it will go for sale on eBay on February 1-st 2015.Here is the link to the auction,and a lot more info can be found out on my facebook page.

I wanted the engine to match the frame-so everything was painted with professional paint in Black Pearl.The wheels were done in Hyper Silver. The tank was painted at an automotive shop and the CNC custom parts were made at Old school speed.

Custom 2 into 2 exhaust with a SS muffler on each side.New Michelin Commander tires.Many one of a kind parts were built specifically for this bike.

   Here is the list of parts and work done to it.But before i do that i want to specify that there are a few upgrades from my previous bobbers.Also the bobber kit-which i now offer for sale is made out of CNC aluminum,thanks to my good friends and partners at Old School Speed.Check them out they build a lot of rear sets and triples, as well custom parts for cafe bikes like Honda,Yamaha,Suzuki and more exclusive ones like the Moto Guzzi and BMW.


Engine and Fuel components

  • Engine was opened and rebuilt using new front and rear cover gaskets,new clutch-water pump-camshaft- CDI pulser gaskets
  • New clutch discs and springs
  • A triple bypass was performed-new stator and new cam chain
  • New o-rings thru the cooling system.The radiator and thermostat was re-boiled and flushed
  • New NGK Iridium spark plugs
  • Every bolt was polished or replaced
  • Carburetors were rebuilt and synched.New jets for the modified exhaust system and for air pods. However i do recommend a new set of Mikuni carbs-they are on my previous builds and have improved the bike dramatically
  • New air filters


  • The frame was modified to fit the new CNC seat .The rear half of the frame was cut and drilled to accept the CNC seat
  • New CNC aluminum seat frame for the mono shock conversion
  • The swing arm has welded mounts for the mono shock
  • A new rear fender was built into the swing arm- top half to protect the rider and the bottom half to protect the battery tray under the engine from water and debris.
  • New custom Front fender 
  • The top triple tree was modified to allow for the Aluminum speedometer to be installed
  • All the frame components were blasted,primed and painted with professional automotive paint. 3 coats of clear coat was applied to the wheels,frame,swing arm,triple trees and forks.

Suspension and brake system

  • The front suspension was completely rebuilt.The forks were disassembled and new oil/dust seals were used.New 10w oil. The fork springs were stiffened for the comfort of the ride
  • Showa rear mono shock
  • Rear differential was rebuilt with new oil and grease
  • New brake master cylinder with new braided brake line in blue
  • The front caliper was rebuilt with new piston and seals,as well with new oil

Paint and powder coat

  • The fuel tank was stripped and treated inside for rust with Northern Tank liner.It was professionally painted in Porche Mexico blue with hyper silver lines.4 coats of clear coat was applied
  • Rebuilt fuel cap and painted in Black Pearl to match the frame
  • The frame was blasted-primed and painted in Black Pearl  with automotive professional paint.The frame holes were welded and sealed.Center side stand was removed
  • Both front and rear wheels were painted in Hyper Silver with  Black Pearl lip.They were rebuilt with new bearings and re-greased
  • The swing arm was painted in Black Pearl with automotive professional paint
  • The valve covers are powder coated in black
  • The engine was taken apart and each cover painted individually in Black Pearl and then clear coated
  • The radiator was sanded and painted in Black pearl as well

Electrical and charging system

  • New 8 cell Ballistic Li-ion battery with quick charge hook up
  • 2012 Honda CBR250 right hand control rewired to the cx system
  • 2008 Honda CBR1000 left side control-rewired to the cx system
  • The cx500 wiring was re-done.Shortened or lengthened where needed.All the OEM plugs were retained
  • Ignition system was relocated to the swing arm using a custom plate
  • New stator installed
  • New battery tray that mounts under engine
  • 1980 Honda cb750F headlight and housing
  • New LED Brake and Turn signal Tail light
  • New LED front turn signals

Exhaust system

  • New custom exhaust system with a 2 into 2 design
  • Lossa Engineering Stainless Mufflers on each side
  • Exhaust was wrapped in blue fiberglass and tied with SS ties
  • New custom CNC exhaust flanges


  • ​New Michelin Commander II tires.19 in-front and 16 in-rear


  • ​Both the shifter and rear brake pedal were modified to accept the knurled toe pegs
  • Aluminum foot pegs
  • Aluminum license plate
  • Aluminum custom speedometer
  • Braided cloth spark plug wires
  • Oil dipstick Temperature gauge
  • New clutch and brake cables
  • ​New Builtwell hand grips
  • ​Oil and neutral led lights by speedometer

Custom CNC Aluminum parts

  • CNC seat frame with tank raiser and tail light mount
  • CNC exhaust flanges
  • CNC engine name plates
  • CNC knurled toe pegs

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