Honda cx500

​​BBCR Engineering ​

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built for a local costumer here in mACOMB mi

And here is the bike-this one stays local close to detroit

​I had to build a different exhaust system because it required a second passenger on the bike and i had to bypass that-made a couple of bends and curvature to the last stretch of the piping where the muffler couples.

The bike was completely powder coated in semi-flat black including some of the engine parts.

I swapped the 16in rear wheel to a 18in one per the costumer request-he wanted a sleek and slim look for the bike.

I also had my upholsterer-Lunascostomuphosltery build 2 seats.A solo version with a hump and a dual skinny seat.

Here is one of the builds that was booked in april after i finished and sold my cx500 bobber.

Here are some pictures from the build process for this bike.