I will start with some pictures showing how i got it, and the process of work. At the end of the page there is going to be the final result, as well a list of all the parts that i bought for this bike. Enjoy!

This was the first bike that i bought with the idea of making a cafe racer out of it. I have checked the web for something cool, and one of the most popular cafe racers was the CB350.

Light, very easy to find. Very affordable and one of the most produced honda's ever.

So i found this 1971 cb350 near Detroit and i went and picked it up. It was running ok, shifting and handling good. So that was enough for me for a first cafe racer.

I tore the whole thing apart in my garage. I was thinking that is going to take me 1-2 months to build it, but i was so wrong!! I bought this bike in august of 2012, and i have finished it in august of 2013. It took me a whole year to have this bike done. Of course i built something else during this year, but that doesn't change the fact that it took that long. I wanted to build this bike with the best parts available out there. And because it was my first build-i didn't know anything about parts or labor. So i have made a lot of mistakes and was going back and forth on polishing, painting, cleaning looking for the correct parts and so on.      

1971 Honda CB350


The bike that started everything.

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And here is the final result

This cb350 turned out to be a complete build-every nut and bolt was replaced or rebuilt. I have rebuilt the forks with oil seals,dust seals and heavier oil. Rebuilt the carbs-one of the easiest carbs to work on. Replaced bearings in both wheels and triple tree.

This is a list of all the parts that were used for this build:

-CL350 exhaust headers

-Lossa Engineering Mufflers

-White header exhaust wrap

-Rear shocks from dimecitycycles(most of the parts are from these guys)

-All the cables and gaskets from dimecitycycles as well.

-Aluminum Billet Clip-ons

-Aluminum CNC grips

-Aluminum CNC velocity stacks from dimecitycycles

-Aluminum CNC rear sets from oldschoolspeed

-Tail from roccitycafe

-Shinko 712 tires

-New spark plugs and oil

-And endless amount of elbow grease!!